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Quantitative general adaptation

Quantitative general adaptation
Quantitative general adaptation
Auteur(s) : Guibert Crevecoeur
Editeur : JePublie
Référence : 9782960079104
Prix : 15.00 €

And if the world were logarithmic? Or just made of myriads of adaptations? Or both? This book develops mathematical tools to account for and predict the general adaptation behaviour of systems. Applications are found in several fields: strength of materials, evolution of operating machines, biological ageing, astronomy. Even the expanding universe can be seen as an adapting system. And if the creep curve just reflected a general adaptation law of nature?
The author has university degrees in materials science engineering and molecular biology. Together with a 35 years long career distributed between developing programs in research centres and conducting safety and reliability surveys of industrial equipment, he devoted himself to the study of creep and ageing phenomena in general. He presently acts as an expert for the Belgian Department of Energy.