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Sentinels of the Wild

Sentinels of the Wild
Sentinels of the Wild
Auteur(s) : Isabelle Adam
Editeur : JePublie
Référence : 9791096947003
In the vast territory of the Canadian North-West called the Wild, men and beasts live in symbiosis with nature. Yet, a menace is hanging over this equilibrium. Some locals are talking of an Evil Shadow trying to destroy the forest and rumors are spreading that a mad wolf is slaughtering the population. Ranuvik, an old Native Indian, and his daughter Noluk doubt the existence of this malignant spirit. Scissy, a writer who has returned to her birthplace, and her companion Andrew who is in charge of criminal investigation, share their views. The malicious power threatening this indomitable wilderness will come face to face with a united group of men and women, protected by a big white wolf, solitary guardian of the forest and its friends.

Drawing from her rich Breton and Norman heritage, Isabelle ADAM’s affinity with Nature has been a constant source of inspiration, expressing itself from an early age in the poems she still writes to this day. Through the deep-rooted bond which unites a wolf, symbolic figure of freedom and brotherhood, and the man who embodies the Spirit of the Wild, the author seeks to communicate her vision of Harmony between Man, Nature and Beast in this action-packed Adventure story where Love is constantly challenged.

Pascal Craveri has his roots in the French region of Rhône-Alps. Immersed in Manga art and New Age music, he started drawing comics at the age of 11, alongside his sister. As an illustrator for the Publishing House Morrigane, Pascal has already contributed to several publications aimed at a young public. He is the author of the graphic novel: “Follow the river”, edited by YIL.

Targeted Audience: For adults and adolescents