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The Leadership of Love

The Leadership of Love
The Leadership of Love
Auteur(s) : Emmanuel Toniutti
Editeur : Éditions IECG
Référence : 9788894045727
Prix : 26.00 €

Emmanuel Toniutti relies on the readings of great thinkers and his experience in dealing with international leaders, to show that the “leadership of love” is not only more satisfying to all parties but also more effective. From this point of view, I think this book should be read by managers wishing their teams and businesses to progress.
Jacques Richier, Chairman and CEO ALLIANZ France

Associating the word “leadership” and “love” requires a great deal of insight and courage, as in the world of today’s governance and management where the word “performance” is on everyone’s lips, we avoid this kind of individual or collective introspection citing the lack of time. So this reading is a gift to oneself to give way to a refl ection that could update, with more clarity, our work mission, to guarantee fulfi llment for both ourselves and those with whom we have a relationship. When the survival of the company depends, in whole or in part, on our leadership style, it becomes essential to deepen our self-knowledge to enable us to move towards an increasingly responsible leadership. This is what the author invites us to do and he does it with great clarity and conviction.
Pauline d’Amboise, General Secretary of Mouvement Desjardins and Vice-President of Governance and Social Responsibility (Canada)

Chairman of International Ethics Consulting Group (IECG -, Emmanuel TONIUTTI trains Top Executive Committees to put in practice their strategic decisions in coherence with humanist values. Ph.D. in Theology from Laval University of Quebec, Canada, he is an expert of behavioural analysis of leaders under stress in multicultural and international environments (North America, Asia, Europe and Maghreb). Professor of leadership at the Executive Education HEC Paris, he trains the future leaders towards a new vision of the business world.