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Double Space-time

Double Space-time
Double Space-time
Auteur(s) : Claude Daviau
Editeur : JePublie
Référence : 9782953913415
Prix : 24.00 €
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Amongst novelties in this book:
– A better wave equation for the electron, without negative energies,
– the complete resolution for the hydrogen atom,
– the invariant form of the wave equation,
– the Lagrangian density as the scalar part of the invariant equation.
– A greater group including the Lorentz restricted group.
– Two space-time varieties, and the wave as a link between.
– A simple explanation to the existence of three generations.
– The invariance of all the electromagnetism.
– The electromagnetic wave as the wave of the photon.
– The wave of a system of electrons in the usual space-time.