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The New Prehistory. Vol. 2: Facts and Events

The New Prehistory. Vol. 2: Facts and Events
The New Prehistory. Vol. 2: Facts and Events
Auteur(s) : Guy-Alexandre Dhorbait
Editeur : JePublie
Référence : 9782954955353

Following the general description of what is new Prehistory, this volume addresses what, always, put off researchers from all disciplines relating, that is to say impossible. But as the science evolves, problems eventually find solutions (or embryos) super floods, upwelling from 120 to 130 meters, the Nazca plate that makes up the Andes, etc. the Science nibble the Unknown to be facing intractable problems frankly. Unless appeal to the Martians, it only remains to humans than to admit the presence of very old elite who had superior knowledge that we know today.
This knowledge, the elites have carried with them through writing and language: it remains that the results do not need comments, but they are still under consideration, and I called the Great Pyramid and other examples on the planet, I took the time to consult in all countries and that will monographs following volumes. I sided these problems, but there are so many to say... that I've carried over the affected countries; dear reader, going to the end, you will always have surprises that await you at the corner of a page!
G.-A. Dhorbait