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The New Prehistory. Vol. 3: America

The New Prehistory. Vol. 3: America
The New Prehistory. Vol. 3: America
Auteur(s) : Guy-Alexandre Dhorbait
Editeur : JePublie
Référence : 9782954955384

Following the common considerations of the previous volumes, this series of eight volumes has outlined the consequences of migration to large scale: migrations and settlements have asked several millennia; America, the subject of this volume, has seen as the other continents the appearance of a multitude of more or less advanced civilizations, which apparently have nothing in common between them. At least, that's what we thought: the above explanations have shown to you the opposite, and that is why this volume challenges many certainties as the Inca civilization have settled all along the Pacific coast of the Andes, in a space of time too short to realize what comes to you.
Indeed, taking cognizance of the many civilizations, we cannot be surprised by the huge amount of people emerged from nothing to build absolutely gigantic constructions and even inhumane. Like the Great Pyramid of Kheops, there here are not possible for our architects today, much less the "engineers" Inca constructions.
And if there was not writing that accompanies them, have to admit it takes skill out of the ordinary. The informed reader will know now what it is. Read fast, it's exciting, all American countries are reviewed prehistoric, and you immediately understand why we found Ainu in Quebec, Chachapoyas with white skin and blond hair, colossal heads Negroid...